We are about to unfold the story of Frank Machin, a man of science who sought to create a man after his own image without reckoning upon God.

About Me – Frank Machin

I’m a second year undergraduate biochemist at Imperial College London. I wanted to do my part for promoting science, mostly on my main subjects of biochemistry and cell biology, and also on subjects that I am very familiar with, including synthetic biology, botany, entomology and evolutionary biology.

I’m also a big fan of Horror movies, so there will be quite a few posts on this subject, especially where they overlap.

I also have pretty severe schizoaffective disorder, so there may be a few posts about that, if only for the interest of those who don’t have it. If people who do have it read it and draw some comfort from it, then that would be awesome.

I’ll try to keep things tasteful and not too obscene.
Hope you enjoy my blog!


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