Flashback: Fresher’s Week Hell

One of the first things I wanted to do upon returning to uni was to help get the student TV station STOIC back on its feet after it slipped a bit in my absence. Our main problem was that nobody had really heard of us, so we didn’t get many people joining the society. If this continued unabated, there would be a grand total of two people in STOIC next year after we graduated.

The plan was simple, we film everything in fresher’s week and upload it as soon as we’re finished. We’d be wearing cool new hoodies with our new logo embroidered on them, and we’d direct people to our new website. Slight downside, we’d get absolutely no sleep. I named it ‘Hell Week’ after the US marine corps’ famous endurance test week.

So I wrote up an elaborate schedule timing where everyone would be, and all ten of us would do shifts so that we didn’t get too tired. Yeeeeeeeeeah. It ended up being three of us working ungodly hours. We filmed from about 9pm until 11pm each night, and then we’d stay past 5am to edit it and upload it. If we were lucky, we managed to get about 3 hours sleep before we had to get ready for lectures. 

No exaggeration, by the end of the week we couldn’t keep a sensible thought in our heads, let alone communicate that thought to another person. Conversations became grunts, and standing up started looking like the dream of a mad person. I was so tired that I got a subconjunctival haemorrhage. That’s right. I was so tired my eye started bleeding.

But it only bloody worked.

Our first shows got a couple of thousand views each over the weekend, and they continue to climb. We got lots of interested people showing up to take part and make TV shows with us. It’s all looking good for STOIC this year.

Now all we need to do is win a bunch of awards. Perhaps Cooking with Frank is due for a revamp?

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