Watching the Human Centipede

If, hypothetically, you were totally okay with the idea of people being stitched together mouth-to-anus. It didn’t gross you out at all, let’s say. If that didn’t gross you out, and to you, it was a film about a german man who holds people hostage and tries to kill them, then you would find it a very boring film.

I mean it, its boring.

The plot is stale and mundane among horror films, and the first half of the film is almost comical. The only saving grace in this film is the severely disturbed central tenet of ‘What if we stitched people together?’.

Having said that, I did enjoy it, but only for the reactions of everyone else in the room to the grossness. The feeling of discomfort passes very quickly, and then its just an average horror film with a bad ending.

I say bad, mean bland.

Overall then, its a stupid film, it has plot holes (how did he get them up the stairs?), a boring story and a bland ending.

Should you watch it? Hell yes. You have to see it eventually, its become stitched into the face of popular culture, allowing its faeces to be swallowed by all who watch it.

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