What is that fluffy stuff in my hair?

On any other day, fluff from my pillow, or random small bits of thread that have escaped the rite of cleansing and have become incorporated into my dreadlocks. Today however, my hair is full of a whole new breed of fluff.

You see, just outside of my window, and all around Imperial College, are plane trees. London plane trees are grown all over central London, accounting for around half of all planted trees in London.

They’re very nice to look at, what with their pretty leaves and mottled bark. In fact, it is this bark that allows them to survive in such an urban, polluted environment. Most trees can breathe through their bark, but the bark of the plane tree periodically falls off, removing any absorbed pollutants from the tree. This also means that they help to clean up London’s air.

The problems I have with them, are their little fluffy seeds that get in my hair, eyes, mouth and bedroom. If that weren’t bad enough, the young leaves are covered in small hairs that get shed in summer.

And where do they go when they get shed? That’s right. My hair.

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