A Higher Form of Pleasure?

Imagine a hypothetical situation in which you are interviewing candidates for a job at your company, a high-profile investment bank. Two C.V.’s land on your desk, and both of them have identical career histories, they both attended good universities,both got good marks, both did prestigious internships at the same company.

The only differences are in their hobbies, which they both listed on their C.V.’s. Person A plays the violin in a local amateur orchestra, enjoys reading works by Shakespeare and, in their spare time, teaches a class on Flower Arranging for Beginners.

Person B, by contrast, plays the drums in a death metal band, enjoys reading fantasy novels, and, in their spare time, teaches a class called: Introduction to Erotic Dancing.

Who would you hire?

It does seem, a lot of the time, that some activities have an elevated status to others. For example, why are seats at the Opera subsidised, but tickets to see Slayer are not?

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